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Benisasia Funeral Home Inc. is the first of its kind in North America. A family-owned funeral home opened since May 2002 has been specifically created in a tranquil and bright setting to service the funeral needs of our growing South Asian Community.

Now all faiths of our Community can arrange a loved one's funeral with the added comfort that comes from knowing that there is a funeral home within their Community that truly understand the needs and requirements.

Our experienced and caring staff is well versed in the customs of your culture. We understand the etiquette and protocol associated with the funeral you have in mind. Our staff speaks English, Hindi and Punjabi.

Our experienced staff will assist you and your family to decide which option best suits your needs and to help create a special personalized service, which will be memorable to everyone.

At Benisasia, we are here to assist you, your family and friends in your time of need with compassion and dignity."

- - - Benisasia Management

What Benisasia Funeral Home Offers

Services at Benisasia Funeral Home

Benisasia Funeral Home services are designed with you in mind. Our services include providing services at the time of need. We also provide services in sending your loved one's human remains or cremated...

Toronto Facilities

Benisasia Funeral Home building was designed with you in mind. Our facilities include a variety of spacious chapels, a visitation suite and a reception room. All chapels are designed and decorated to suit the wishes of our families...

Funeral Preplanning

At Benisasia, we are also pleased to introduce our preplanning packages with several funding options to meet everyone's needs. You and your family can avoid stress by planning for that inevitable funeral...

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