Benisasia Funeral Home services are designed with you in mind. Our services include providing services at the time of need. We also provide services in sending your loved one's human remains or cremated remains back to your homeland. We also provide services in bringing your loved one back to Canada from around the world.

The Travel Assistance Plan (TAP) is an ideal way to ensure that your loved ones will be shielded from any unexpected financial obligations during your travels.


Benisasia Funeral Home building was designed with you in mind. Our facilities include a variety of spacious chapels.  All chapels are designed and decorated to suit the wishes of our families.

Our largest chapel accommodates up to 325 guests with over 50 standing spaces.  All chapels are well-ventilated and climate controlled.

Our Gallery:

A special area has been designed for the families who wish to perform the rituals of bathing and dressing their loved one.

During a stressful and emotional time, we all look for an area to get away to relax for a cup of coffee or just to meditate. At Benisasia, we have the perfect setting - our Solarium. This is one of the unique features at Benisasia. The warm glow of sunlight cascades through the large open windows as the vibrant vegetation surrounds you. Refreshing fragrant scents and the sound of water in our stately aquarium provides a peaceful, tranquil setting that serves as a place of respite and reflection.

There is ample parking, which accommodates over 250 cars.


At Benisasia, we are also pleased to introduce our preplanning packages with several funding options to meet everyone's needs. You and your family can avoid stress by planning for that inevitable funeral - just as you will for a will or your retirement. When you take the time for it now, everything about the funeral is already taken care of, even the payment.

With preplanning, you save your family and friends from having to arrange your funeral at a time of emotional stress and grief. Come in and meet one of qualified preplanning directors for more details and options.

Our professional and caring staff is committed to helping you with your decisions and details.